Book One of the White River Series

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Learn About the Series

The White River Series is set on the western slope of the Colorado Rocky’s, in the famed White River National Forest.  Each book is based on an actual event, and explores the great truths of how faith and love work themselves out in the suspense and drama of real life adventures and crises.

Book one, One Mountain at a Time, out in the fall of 2015, explores the dynamics of hope and redemption, as it unfolds in the true story of a father and his two children lost in a surprise October blizzard. The fight for life, and hope of love unfolds in the intense search and rescue efforts.

Book two, Justice on the Mountain, is scheduled for publication in 2016, is the story of faith and raw violence; and the triumph of love in the gravest adversity.  Based on actual incidents, this adventure crisscrosses not only the White River National Forest, but the human heart.

Betrayal on the Mountain, due out in late 2016, is book three in the series, and captures the heartbreak of a family separated by events – and faith. A husband’s search for justice and punishment, and a wife’s search for meaning and faith collide on the Western Slope.

About the Author

After decades of writing non-fiction, Mike Giere debuts his first fiction novel, One Mountain at a Time, in 2015. His new novel is the first of five in the “White River Series,” that bring together real life adventures on Colorado’s famed Western Slope, with stories of faith, hope and love.

Giere’s extensive non-fiction writing on current affairs, politics, foreign policy and issues of faith have been seen in national publications including The Washington Times, The Washington Post, and Human Events among others, as well as numerous national blogs. In addition, he has written major studies and monographs for various federal agencies, including the Department of State (The Foreign Policy of the People’s Revolutionary Government of Granada).

Originally from Texas, Giere now lives in Virginia with his wife, Colleen. They have three grown children and three grandchildren.


What to Look Forward to…

One Mountain at a Time

A novel by Michael Giere

Late afternoon clouds retreat from the high peaks of the Elk Mountains, leaving a fresh dusting of snow on Capitol Peak. In the valley below, aspen trees begin their transformation from a deep shade of green to the vibrant gold they are so famous for.

Inspired by a true story of love & sacrifice

In a one–of-a-kind adventure and love story, Richard Murray is lost on the side of a mountain in the famed White River National Forest during a surprise October blizzard, where he is confronted with life and death decisions to save his family. The intense search and rescue operation to find him and his children becomes the bridge connecting the agony of the unknown and the possibility for new love. Based on an actual incident, One Mountain at a Time is a celebration of God’s redemption and grace.

What people are saying:

“Wow! A page turner. I cried and I cheered.”

“Intense, provocative issues – a great adventure story.”

“Couldn’t put it down. Beautifully written. Little gems in every chapter.”

“Nothing saccharine in this story…it’s authentic and moving.”

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