One Mountain at a Time

A novel by Michael Giere

Late afternoon clouds retreat from the high peaks of the Elk Mountains, leaving a fresh dusting of snow on Capitol Peak. In the valley below, aspen trees begin their transformation from a deep shade of green to the vibrant gold they are so famous for.

Inspired by a true story of love & sacrifice

In a one–of-a-kind adventure and love story, Richard Murray is lost on the side of a mountain in the famed White River National Forest during a surprise October blizzard, where he is confronted with life and death decisions to save his family. The intense search and rescue operation to find him and his children becomes the bridge connecting the agony of the unknown and the possibility for new love. Based on an actual incident, One Mountain at a Time is a celebration of God’s redemption and grace.

What people are saying:

“Wow! A page turner. I cried and I cheered.”

“Intense, provocative issues – a great adventure story.”

“Couldn’t put it down. Beautifully written. Little gems in every chapter.”

“Nothing saccharine in this story…it’s authentic and moving.”

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